PRO-Clean  I  Protein Residue Test

Common bacteria that cause illness:

One of the number one ways humans contract diseases are from bacteria.  Here are a few common potentially deadly bacteria and their definitions: 

         E. coli -  A bacteria found in the intestines of animals and humans that helps in the digestive process.  But ,  if Misplaced outside of the digestive track will become infectious and cause illness and even death if passed along through human contact. 

      Botulism -  A deadly bacteria that grows on food and creates toxins that cause paralysis, breathing difficulties and  vomiting if passed from surface to person

      Listeria -  A bacteria that is found in water, food, soil, and animals.  This bacteria can grow in cold temperatures like refrigerators and freezers it adapts to temperature.  Humans can be infected by eating contaminated food such as raw vegetables, raw milk and or meat. 

       Streptococcus - A bacteria that causes throat infections, blood infections and flesh eating diseases.

      Staphylococcus -  A cluster of bacteria that causes painful boils and sores on the skin that can lead to blood infections even death.  

Germicidal ultraviolet light

UV Lite and Steam uses UVC  germicidal ultraviolet light.  

UVA - Ultraviolet light rays: Penetrates earths protective ozone layer making it to the earth surface  causing skin damage,  burning and cancer. 

UVB -  Ultraviolet light rays:  Penetrates earths protective ozone layer  making it to the earths surface causing tanning and aging of the skin.  

UVC- Germicidal ultraviolet light : DOES NOT Penetrate the earths protective Ozona layer  but is the most destructive, deadly form of UV light to all micro organisms DNA and all living cells killing these  harmful pathogens  within minutes. 

PRO-Clean is the easiest and most accurate way to verify the cleanliness of food equipment surfaces. Simply swab a surface and release the reagent. If protein residue is present, the reagent will turn purple - the more contamination, the quicker the color changes and the darker it becomes. PRO-Clean instantly validates surface hygiene, allowing immediate corrective action to be taken when necessary.

Pro Clean Test

This process provides a dry, chemical-free method of disinfection against bacteria, viruses, germs and mold. This process offers a 99.9% kill rate. We use a portable germ-away ultraviolet light generator to provide medical grade sanitization with 99.9% effectiveness. With our UVC Light saturation process the germ away system is proven capable of achieving a calculated kill rate with medical grade results.

UVC Germicidal Ultra Violet Light Process to Disinfect and Sanitize

Hygiena Scientific device to test germs

Facilities and homes need a better defense against unseen pathogens, germs and bacteria.  Invaders like these are invisible and sometimes deadly and have been proven to remain on surfaces after being traditionally cleaned with chemicals. UV Lite and Steams germicidal ultraviolet light saturation process reduces 99% of all bioburden in the air and on surfaces and equipment  Chemical free. Our cutting edge ultraviolet light  technology completely Kills all pathogen's on contact.  This process safely destroys the most harmful contaminants and bacteria by rapidly De-constructing the DNA of harmful pathogen's germs and bacteria  killing them.  This process is incredibly powerful and destructive to micro organisms by breaking down the cell walls of  bacteria germs and viruses. The components of germicidal light saturation eat away at the structure of the DNA of micro organisms and Bio-Film  rendering them dead. 

BioFilms are  Micro organism  sell clusters with adherent  properties that protect and connect to existing germs  and bacteria  to colonize and join forces  to do battle against our bodies.   These biofilms create proteins and enzymes to make them more tolerant  to traditional cleaning chemicals and methods thus, making them harder to kill  unless a more technologically advanced method is used  like UV Lite and Steam. 

Scientific Device used to Test Germs

Exposure Kill Time
(Entire room in 15min.)


Hepatitis......................... 2min
Tuberculosis................... 2min

The Hygiena Luminometer is a testing device used to quickly determine the hygienic germ status of surfaces and equipment. This  State of the art scientific device is used to measure  Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)  The energy molecule found in all living cells, organisms, viruses,  germs and bacteria which cause health risk contamination.   When ATP  is present on a surface the Hygiena Luminometer  displays test results in number values once swabbed and tested.

Center for  Disease  Control says :


    0-10 Passing Germ levels

    Anything higher or above 

    10 -1000 Failing Germ levels


So the higher the surface numbers on the Hygiena Luminometer the more germs and bacteria are detected on the surface  or equipment  that need to be Disinfected and Sanitized. 

Germs and Bacteria

Germs are often called pathogens,  which means "cause of disease."

There are four main types of pathogens :

     - Bacteria

     - Viruses

     - Parasites

     - Fungi


Think of them as a gang of killers trying to invade your body.  By themselves these germs can kill and sicken human beings. 


Harmful germs and bacteria  on most surfaces that cause severe infection:

      -  Staphylococcus / causes pinkeye 

      -  Hep A. /  causes blood poisoning

      -  E-Colin /  causes food poisoning 

      -  Influenza / causes viral infection 

      -  Botulism /  causes food borne infection 

      -  Listeria /  water born infection