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UV Lite and Steam  uses a 400° dry steam vapor process maintaining the highest temperatures in the marketplace killing germs on contact with a 99% kill rate.  This process is eco-friendly and 100% chemical free. 

UV Lite and Steams  medical grade industrial steamer  produces dry steam with a low  moisture  level of 2% delivered at  an adjustable 180 psi. This intern provides the energy needed to kill germs and break up biofilm bonds killing 99% of these harmful pathogens  without the use of harmful chemicals.  Our high temperature dry steam process is proven safe and is used in hypo-allergenic  environments each and every day which require no chemical sanitization which in turn gives better air-quality and leaves no harmful chemical residue behind. 


Steam completely eliminates the need to handle harmful chemicals ever again.  Most chemicals pose  a great health risk to humans and destroy surfaces and the environment.

Steam is one of the greatest an effective methods in combating mold, bacteria, germs and killer viruses along with most other forms of bio contamination.


UV Lite and Steams steam disinfection process is 99% chemical free, broadly active and rapidly effective and represents the best alternative to liquid chemical disinfection which germs are becoming more resistant to daily.

This process provides medical grade dry steam at 400 degrees applied directly to surfaces and equipment to kill germs and viruses with 99.9% effectiveness on contact. Our steam process uses 98% dry vapor and only 2% H20 in turn using very little H20. This allows for a wide range of uses and very easy clean up.

Therma-Kleen Dry Steam Vapor Process

Dry Steam Vapor machine