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Viruses vs Bacteria:

Viruses invade your body cells 

Viruses contain DNA and a protein coating 

Viruses cause disease and infections in the body producing fever and inflammation 

Viruses are antibiotic resistant and cannot be killed by these drugs 

Bacteria is one celled organisms that take many shapes 

Bacteria are everywhere you just cannot see them with the naked eye 

Bad bacteria invades our cells and bodies and cause infection and disease 

Bacteria comes in good and bad forms

Good bacteria helps us digest food 

Bacteria can be killed by medication 

Scary Facts about Bacteria and Germs 


- Bacteria and germs can divide.

- The human immune system is made to protect us against invaders and various types of unimaginable micro organisms, viruses and harmful bacteria that mutates to harm us. 

- There are good and killer bacteria living on and inside our bodies.   

- Humans skin sheds 1 million cells per day and is floating in the air and landing on surfaces.

- Computer keyboards have 7500 germs per key.

- Your office space has 20,000 germs per square inch that's 400 times more then your toilet. 

- Shaking hands transfers 1 million germs. 

- 35% of workers never clean and sanitize their workstations 

- 80% of all infections are from touching  germ and bacteria infested surfaces.

- There are 50,000 germs on your cell phone at any given time.

- Bacteria is responsible for the spread of hepatitis A, salmonella, food poisoning and many more diseases.

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UV Lite and Steam is Pioneering Germ Control at Home

Oct 24, 2017

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